John Forrest - Governor

John Forrest

Co-opted Governor

Appointed / Elected by:

Appointed by the governing board

Term of Office:

26.11.21 to 25.11.25

Committee Representation:

School Improvement Committee

Position of Responsibility:

Link governor for pupil wellbeing

Business Interests:


Interest in other education establishments:



I hold no statutory roles, though I occasionally advise informally in matters relating to media


I have been interested in supporting St Catherine’s School since moving to Hoddesdon with my wife in 2017. My professional focus, since 1970, has been in media production – TV, radio and film. I have especially taken an interest in programmes exploring religion and music. After a number of years with BBC Schools TV, I worked for ‘Songs of Praise’, launching the ‘Songs of Praise School Choir of the Year’, making specials for Children in Need and many outside broadcasts. With BBC Radio’s religious department, I enjoyed making programmes especially for Radio 2 and sometimes for Radios 1 and 4. I became freelance in 2001 and continued broadcast programme making for several years – including directing Proms for BBC Television. Production activity allowed me to travel extensively and internationally, creating a number of programmes, musical events and consultantships. I expanded into various commercial productions and founded the ‘Insight Film Festival’ to encourage young film makers to make films about faith. I still make occasional films, though no longer as a commercial enterprise. I trained initially as a teacher at Bede College in Durham where I received a Teaching Certificate, majoring in film and television studies. In 2012 I received an MA in Screen Studies from the University of Manchester