Jim Nicolson - Governor

Jim Nicolson

Foundation Governor

Appointed / Elected by:

Diocesan Board of Education

Term of Office:

23/03/2023 to 22/03/2027

Committee Representation:

Resources Committee

Position of Responsibility:

To be agreed

Business Interests:


Interest in other education establishments:





Jim served for thirty years as a police officer, serving most of his time in Soho, Stoke Newington, Hackney and Holloway, before moving to Hertfordshire from where he retired in 2002, as the Assistant Chief Constable. He then worked in Thurrock, Essex, for the local Council supervising the multi-agency response to drug and alcohol addiction; gang crime; modern day slavery; and domestic and sexual violence. He now chairs the Thurrock Safeguarding Adult Board. Married for over forty years, he has two sons, one is a Doctor of Chemistry, who went to St Catherine’s School and the other is a professional skateboarder! He has been an active member of St Catherine and St Paul’s church since moving to Hoddesdon over forty years ago, recently standing down from serving as the lay-vice chair of the PCC after several years. He has been a keen student of military history, particularly aviation and the Great War for many years and regularly takes groups of up to 50 people around the battlefields of the Western Front.