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This Terms Value

Service is the Christian value for the first half of this term. In assemblies and in class, we will be thinking about what this means within our society in terms of public and voluntary services as well as how we can serve others within school and the wider community. We will be considering lessons from the Bible in our clergy assemblies and drawing from some of the parables of Jesus to illustrate a view of service that may have been surprising to those living at that time.

For the second half of the term, Forgiveness is the value that we will be considering, particularly in the lead up to Easter. We will be reflecting on what it means to really forgive as well as when and how we may need forgiveness ourselves. Our assemblies will draw on a range of sources, including teaching from the Bible and we will also be discussing our values within class.

Throughout the term, the British value we are particularly focusing on is Individual liberty and mutual respect with a particular emphasis on understanding that people have the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and that this should be accepted and not discriminated against.

With this in mind; we would like to warmly invite any family who would be willing, to share their beliefs and customs with us. This could be in the form of a visit to a class or year group, to a key stage or to the whole school. If you would be interested in doing this, please contact either headteacher or the school office to discuss further.

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