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For the first half of the autumn term, the Christian value we will be considering is ‘Justice’. Throughout assemblies as well as in class, ideas about playing and working fairly in school will be explored in conjunction with the launch of our new behaviour policy. We will also be thinking about how we can stand up for justice in our school and local community and in global terms, consider how fairly traded goods ensure justice for workers throughout the world.

This value ties in well with this term’s British values which relate to what it means to live within a democracy and under the rule of law. We will be exemplifying a democratic process as the children nominate and vote for members of the School Council as well as House Captains for the year. Please take the time to discuss the importance of voting for the most suitable candidate with your child rather than necessarily opting for the person who is most popular or their particular friend.

For the second half of this term, our Christian value is ‘Trust’. As a school, we will explore what it means to demonstrate trust in our friends, peers and other members of the school community as well as those in the wider sphere. We will also consider when it is necessary to exercise caution and to be aware of the dangers of trusting strangers both online and in person as well as clarifying how to be safe. Being a trustworthy person is also an aspect of this value that we will be thinking about; including how to be a good friend and responsible member of the community.

Please explore these values with your child(ren) at home and feel free to raise any issues, concerns or comments with your child’s teacher or either headteacher.



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