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For the first half of the summer term, our Christian value is Humility. We will be thinking about this value in assemblies and in class. One aspect we will be considering is the opposite of humility – pride; specifically times when it is good to be proud of what has been achieved as well as occasions when pride can be negative and destructive. Perhaps you could discuss with your child what humility means to you and think about examples of humble people in everyday life.

Tolerance and acceptance of different faiths and beliefs is the British value for this term. We would welcome visits from any who would like to share their beliefs with us as we believe it is important to show respect, appreciation and understanding of all religions. Please contact either headteacher if you would like to come and share your beliefs with a group of children – or the whole school in assembly.



Congratulations to all our Y6 pupils on completing the SATs. You have all tried so hard and we are very proud of you.

Also, a special thank you to our staff (particularly the Y6 team) who have worked unstintingly to prepare the children for the tests. Your hard work is much appreciated. 

Mrs Staiano and Mrs Wallis


Please note that Ludo class assembly on Friday has been cancelled due to staff absence.


Here are some of the pupils that won prizes for attending the School without missing a day over the last couple of terms.


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30/05/16 - 03/06/16

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