Year 6

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This term, the children have been studying World War II in depth. We began the term experiencing a mock evacuation and then constructed a timeline of key events. During the term, the children then studied The Blitz, Evacuation, The Home Front, The Holocaust, and Anne Frank. They also made vegetable soup using only ingredients available under wartime rationing. We were lucky to have a visit from a poppy seller from the Royal British Legion who told us all about why the poppy appeal is so important to support war veterans and their families. The children rounded off their topic by making a Lest We Forget exhibit made from recycled plastic bottles to display outside the school gates in time for Remembrance Day. Finally, the children wrote monologues about the horrors of war why we should never go to war again.


essential questions

Why was WWII a world war?

What were the consequences of the Blitz?

What was the experience of evacuation like for children?

What was the Holocaust and why must we remember it?


student reflections

teacher reflections

This topic has allowed the children to understand more about more modern British history and how it has shaped our world today. The children honed their research skills, immersed themselves in key war events and learnt about challenging topics such as the Holocaust.


exhibition responses

“The poppy exhibit is a fitting memorial to the soldiers that died for us.”

“The children worked together well to produce a striking memorial to ensure we never forget the soldiers who died fighting for our country.”