Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page....

This term, the children have been studying a fascinating era of British history– Anglo– Saxons and Vikings. We began the term with a visit from Ash ( a historical enactment professional), who regaled the children with real life tools, weapons and everyday clothing and utensils. The children have learned about the timeline of the Saxons and Vikings, plus the geography surrounding these ancient people and how they have affected the present day. They also read the story of Beowulf and learned about the art of storytelling. We rounded off the topic with the children giving presentations to parents and members of the public at Lowewood Museum.

essential questions

Who were the Saxons and Vikings?

Where did they come from?

Why did they come?

What did they  eat and wear?

student reflections

I liked it when Ash came in. We held weapons and tried on helmets.

I’m pleased with my performance and know how to make it even better next time we have an exhibition.


teacher reflections

This topic has allowed the children to understand more of British history and how we are descended form a wide variety of differing races. They have been able to understand that Britain has a very interesting and chequered past. The children worked hard at preparing for the exhibition, focussing on oracy and presentation skills.


exhibition responses

“The quality of the work was excellent, the children all tried really hard and were confident.”

“The presentations were fantastic. The amount of lines they had to learn and remember was amazing.”

“The presentations were of a high quality by all students!”