Year 3

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This term, Year 3 learnt all about settlements in Ancient Egypt, the Stone Age and Hoddesdon. Throughout the topic, the children were fully engaged and excited to learn all about the wonders of the Pyramids, Stone Henge and the early Britons. 

We had an immersive experience day where the children got to dress up as though they lived in the Stone Age and learnt to complete tasks that would have been carried out thousands of years ago. Pupils enjoyed listening to how the early Britons used to hunt for food and create fire.  It gave the children the opportunity to get hands on with their learning and really helped them understand what life was like back then. From this, we studied Hoddesdon’s history and how its population has grown.

The pupils loved our walk around Hoddesdon and learnt about the human and

physical features we see every day as well as the historical links.

This gave the children the opportunity to discuss what was good about Hoddesdon but also what could be improved. We discussed our observations and put together some ideas for a pitch to Love Hoddesdon members.  Pupils worked in groups to write out a script describing what they’d like to change about Hoddesdon and how we might potentially achieve this. After practicing our scripts, they successfully pitched their plans to Love Hoddesdon who were delighted to hear such great ideas.

essential questions

Why did they settle in Stonehenge?

How did they build The Pyramids ?

Why did they settle around the Nile?

student reflections

“I really enjoyed it because it was really fun to share my ideas with a lot of people.” Zaria.

“I felt like it was a bit scary but I really enjoyed it. I like Hoddesdon. If they like our ideas and they do it, we’ll know we did a big thing in Hoddesdon to make it a better place.”   Emily


teacher reflections

Year 3 have worked incredibly hard during this entire project. They have been inquisitive, thoughtful and creative. It has been lovely to watch the children become so immersed in life in Early Britain and Ancient Egypt and ask questions they genuinely want to know the answer to. These skills were reflected in their exhibition pitch as they were so passionate about their chosen improvements. Every group believed in their idea and, minus a few nerves, that came through in their presentation to Love Hoddesdon.”

exhibition responses