Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 page....

This term the children have explored the school and its grounds.  We  thought about the purpose for the different areas in the school and why they are used in this way.  We used  Digimaps to locate our school within Hoddesdon, then within England and the UK.  For our exhibition we took the Reception children on a tour around the school so we could help them learn about our school.  We designed our route using a plan of the school and composed sentences to help us present the information to the younger children.  We also made cupcakes to share with the children at the end of the tour.

essential questions

What can we see in the school grounds?

What do we use the different places in our school for?

What is important for the Reception children to see?

Where is our school? 

student reflections

“It went well because the Reception children learned new things.” Archie

“It went well because the Reception children enjoyed the tour and the cake!”

“It went well because we made new friends.”

teacher reflections

“It was lovely to see how the Year 1 children related to the younger children.  The fantastic effort they had put into their presentation was apparent through the way in which they could confidently share their information.”


exhibition responses

“I made a new friend!”

“It was fun!”

“I learned about the computers and there were lots of chairs and buttons!”

“I didn’t know we had a swimming pool and could go swimming!”

“I like the pond. I didn’t know it was there.”