Welcome to the EYFS page....

Children are happy, safe, love learning and form lasting relationships with friends and adults within our school.  Our early years provision is engaging, purposeful and inspires all children to learn and experience new things through a rich, inclusive curriculum reflects that children’s needs and interests. Throughout the year, children are guaranteed diverse experiences, including a range of visitors and trips.

Our children learning through a half termly theme or mini project. For example, when learning about people who help us in our community, we welcome visitors including vets, dentists and police officers and firefighters. As a result, their play is rich and purposeful; adult led sessions focus on key books, vocabulary, and a range of skills to support all areas of learning. Examples of our amazing projects (including projects from other year groups) can be found in the ‘our projects section’ of the website and is well worth a look!

Our curriculum is carefully constructed so children can: practice and master skills, develop independence, build learning on prior knowledge, and use key skills and concepts to solve problems. As well as themes and projects, children also learn about key events in the world around them by learning about festivals and celebrations. These include Easter, Eid, Chinse New Year, Diwali, and Christmas.

Play is an integral part of our curriculum delivery. We ensure a careful balance between adult led and child-initiated learning. Children experience active learning both in the mornings and afternoons and have the choice to be inside or out, in all weathers. We are proud of the purposeful, well-resourced environment that allow our children to thrive. They simply love it!

We are passionate that all children maximise their potential and no child is left behind. Year on year our children are happy and supported when following their individual interests and passions that build upon the foundations they already have. We know all of our children well so we can support them in the best way possible. We aim for all children to grow in confidence and give voice their thoughts and opinions. We are a proud to be the first step of the amazing journey children have at our school.

We regularly seek and value parent opinion and for the past two years, 100% of the families said they felt their child was happy in school. Further feedback included: ‘I can see why (child’s name) wants to come to come into school so much now! You really have a great thing going on here. Thank you for inviting us today, we really appreciate it – she was up at 6.30am today talking about the cupcakes she made in school for the party!’ This response was from a parent who attended our project which culminated in a party for our class bears which children and families attended.

Another two parents wrote: ‘We have been really happy with (child’s name) start to school, she enjoys coming in each day and she enjoys playing outside, arts and crafts and story time. We are really enjoying x’s start to school. We are looking forward to parent conference day!’

‘(Child’s name) is loving going to ‘big school’ and often talks about active learning and how he is making lots of new friends – it’s perfect! Thank you’

If you are looking because you are thinking of joining us, then please contact the school office and we will be happy to show you around.

Thank you,

Our early years team